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Facelift Indianapolis

Facelift IndianapolisAs we age, the face begins to lose its natural support from weakening ligaments and muscles. Skin and fat pads sag under their own weight creating a heavier look to the cheeks and jowls and neck.

Rhytidectomy, or more commonly referred to as “facelift,” is the ideal procedure to address these problems by restoring the supporting structures that lead to these aging features. Dr. Chegar’s overall goal with performing a facelift is to maintain a natural appearance for a revitalized, refreshed look that is long-lasting.

Using carefully hidden incisions in the hairline and around the ears, the muscles and supporting ligaments are first tightened and the overlying skin is redraped for a more youthful appearance. Often a small incision is made just under the chin to help tighten the sagging muscle in the middle of the neck. Afterwards, a soft support dressing is placed around the face after surgery. The dressing and any drains are removed the following day. Recovery from a facelift is typically 2 weeks.


Not all aging face problems are the same, so not all people should have the same surgery. Mini-facelift is a more focused procedure that targets the cheeks and jowls in those who don’t have as much loose skin and muscle around the lower neck. The approach is similar to the regular facelift except that a limited incision is used just around the ear to help tighten the problem areas along the cheek and jaw-line. Because there is less dissection needed to perform the mini-lift, there is a faster recovery compared with the full facelift (7-10 days).

Complimentary procedures

When undergoing a facelift to make your cheeks and neck look 10-15 years younger, why wouldn’t you consider the same for your other features? That is why Dr. Chegar will often discuss complimentary procedures such as a browlift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and laser skin resurfacing to create a balanced look for your entire face. Such additional procedures do not add much to the recovery process and help you get the best results from your facial rejuvenation experience.

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