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Fat transfer treatments are a great way to address the way aging changes our facial structure. Volume loss is one of the key components that is often overlooked. The ideal treatment for this problem is one that is cost effective, permanent and requires little recovery. That is why fat transfer is proudly offered at Chegar Facial Plastic Surgery for men and women in Carmel and Indianapolis.

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is a procedure that restores facial volume by using your body’s own tissue to enhance areas affected by aging to create a natural, more youthful look. It is minimally invasive and can safely be done as a same-day, low-downtime office treatment or in combination with other procedures such as facelift and eyelid surgery. And since fat transfer uses your own tissue and not a synthetic material, the results are long lasting.

Fat transfer can be used in specific areas that require more volume, similar to a dermal filler, or as a full facial rejuvenation procedure. Commonly treated areas include the temples, under eye/tear trough, cheeks, smile lines, marionette lines, chin crease and jawline.

Recovering from Your Fat Transfer

There will be some swelling, bruising, and redness around the injection sites. Some mild discomfort and swelling may occur around the area where the fat was harvested. Some patients feel comfortable returning to work after a little more than a week. If you are concerned about swelling you can wait around two weeks before returning. Strenuous activity will need to be avoided for around four weeks.

Fat Transfer Results

When performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon, fat grafting can provide long-lasting and natural-looking results. During the recovery period, some fat will be naturally absorbed by the body. The remaining fat should still be alive and will be able to remain and thrive in the areas where it was injected. Final results should be visible after six months or so.

Your Fat Transfer at Chegar Facial Plastic Surgery will be performed by specialist Dr. Burke Chegar in Carmel, IN.

Fat Transfer Cost

Dr. Chegar creates a personalized treatment plan for each individual patient. Cost can vary based on the work needed to provide the patient with the results they are looking for. Dr. Chegar can address any questions or concerns you may have about pricing and payment options during the consultation process.

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Fat Transfer Indianapolis

I appreciated the communication between Dr. Chegar and me. He understood my desires to have surgery that would alleviate my issue of drooping eyelids without having a full make-over. I am impressed with his follow-up after surgery, from the call the night of surgery, to the texts two days later (on a Sunday), and the post operative appointments over the six months after surgery. I would highly recommend, and have already done so, Dr. Chegar to others.

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