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Rhinoplasty – Indianapolis Nose-Reshaping Procedure

Published on April 22, 2016

Rhinoplasty, or nose-reshaping surgery, can be performed using a number of techniques. Your surgeon will have the option of performing rhinoplasty using either open or closed incisions.   During open rhinoplasty, an incision is created on the columella, the skin

Facelift – Rhytidectomy Surgery Indianapolis

Published on April 20, 2016

Have you noticed that your cheeks, neck, and jowls are sagging? The subcutaneous fat pads in the cheeks sag as we age, as does the skin. This happens because the tissues do not have as much support as they did

Microdermabrasion – Indianapolis Remove Dead Skin Cells

Published on April 12, 2016

Is your skin showing signs of wear and tear? If so, this is usually an issue relating to the cells of the superficial skin layer. As these experience damage or cell death, their appearance changes and becomes dull. Wrinkles form,

Blepharoplasty Surgery – Eye Lift Indianapolis

Published on March 22, 2016

Have you noticed a slow drooping of your eyelids over the years? These areas tend to show numerous signs of the aging process, often before other parts of the body. The eyelids can be rejuvenated with the help of blepharoplasty

Chemical Peel – Indianapolis Skin-Rejuvenation Treatment

Published on March 8, 2016
Chemical Peel Indianapolis

We offer a wide variety of chemical peel options, each of which has its own unique benefits for the skin. Your face will look and feel rejuvenated after these effective treatments.   For salicylic acid treatments, we provide the PCA

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Ear Surgery – Otoplasty Procedure Indianapolis

Published on March 5, 2016
Ear Surgery Indianapolis

We offer numerous facial procedures at our practice, including ear surgery. Patients who come in for ear surgery are interested in changing the proportions and contours of their ears or the ears of their children. This is done to correct

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Fat Transfer – Indianapolis Facial Revitalization

Published on February 29, 2016
Contoura Indianapolis

The effects of the aging process are varied and prominent in numerous areas, including the face. We can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore facial volume using Fat Transfer, a revolutionary anti-aging treatment.   Fat Transfer is different from

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Browlift – Forehead Lift Procedure Indianapolis

Published on February 15, 2016
Browlift Indianapolis

The browlift procedure recontours the brow and forehead to smooth them out, making them wrinkle-free and youthful. Patients should expect it to involve the alteration and removal of many types of tissue in the region.   Browlift surgery often features

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Botox – Indianapolis Injectable Wrinkle Treatments

Published on February 12, 2016
Botox Indianapolis

Wrinkles are an unappealing and unavoidable part of the aging process. Luckily, we can help you deal with these wrinkles and lines using Botox injections. Botox is the ideal non-surgical method of rejuvenating the face by erasing unwanted wrinkles.  

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Published on December 28, 2015

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