The aging process affects every individual differently. For some people, the visible signs of aging in the skin, like smile lines and forehead lines, start appearing at a much earlier age. Regardless of the age of the candidate and the intensity of the problem, there are now effective and convenient ways to address signs of facial aging.

Cosmetic procedures have seen some revolutionary advancements and can now create miraculous and long-lasting results. There are many non-surgical ways to revitalize the skin. One such popular non-surgical skin-correction procedure to address signs of aging is J-Plasma facial skin resurfacing.

J-Plasma Resurfacing

This non-surgical technique is an alternative to chemical peels. The J-Plasma method avoids the use of harsh chemicals and relies instead on RF energy. As the name indicates, this procedure allows the outer damaged layer of skin cells to peel away, revealing younger inner skin layers with a natural youthful glow.

And it is not just for erasing wrinkles – loose sagging skin on the face can also easily be corrected with the help of J-Plasma treatment. Men and women can opt for this procedure and witness wonderful results.

What Happens During the Resurfacing Procedure?

First, local anesthesia is administered to avoid patient discomfort. A suitable J-Plasma probe is chosen, and then RF energy is applied in the areas to be corrected. The total time for this procedure ranges anywhere between two and three hours depending on the patient’s goals.

Benefits of J-Plasma

The J-Plasma treatment offers many benefits:

  • This is a relatively low risk procedure. For the patients who are worried about getting a surgical treatment, J-Plasma is an ideal non-surgical alternative.
  • As there are no incisions made, J-Plasma treatment takes very little time to show its results. The recovery period required after the surgery is also very short in comparison with popular surgical correction methods.
  • J-Plasma probes of various sizes are available. Based on the area to be covered, a suitable probe is chosen. The length of the plasma stream can also be fine-tuned. This allows perfect setting of the depth of penetration and the area being covered. The precision of the tools used in this method make it even more ideal for addressing the dead and damaged skin cells on the face. This allows for focused correction without causing any harm to the surrounding tissues.
  • The effects of J-Plasma treatment start appearing within weeks after the surgery. The outer layer peels off and leaves behind a fresher and healthier layer of skin. The resurfacing of the skin results in skin tightening, making the face look younger and more contoured.
  • Pore tightening, enhancement of general skin texture, correction of deep wrinkles, correction of skin-pigmentation issues, and more can be achieved with the help of a suitable application of J-Plasma treatment.

Given the many benefits of J-Plasma, there are several people who have already opted for this procedure and experienced good results. The fact that the natural skin is resurfaced is an added advantage, as the results look natural. If you take good care of your skin and follow the instructions provided before and after the procedure, your results can be quite long lasting.

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