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The Pearl™ laser rejuvenates the skin without any need for harsh chemicals or surgery. Thanks to the Pearl™ laser, Indianapolis patients can enjoy beautiful skin while avoiding the long periods of downtime that come with traditional laser skin resurfacing options.

How Does Pearl™ Laser Treatment Work?

The superficial epidermal skin cells regularly experience damage due to the aging, sun exposure, and environmental factors. Pearl™ laser skin resurfacing involves use of a handpiece to deliver 2,790 nm laser pulses to the skin. These laser energy pulses remove the superficial epidermal skin cells, allowing healthy new skin cells to grow in their place.

The laser’s energy also heats the deeper layers of the dermis. This process encourages production of collagen protein at an increased rate while remodeling existing collagen fibers.

As a result of these changes to the skin tissues, the skin’s appearance is greatly improved. The skin becomes stronger, tighter, healthier, and younger-looking.

Which Issues Can Pearl™ Laser Treatment Address?

The Pearl™ laser can be used to correct a wide variety of cosmetic skin imperfections. Patients prefer this treatment option for smoothing out rough skin texture, fading dark spots, and reducing the appearance of fine age lines. It is often used to address mild acne scarring and heal signs of sun damage.

The Consultation

A Pearl™ laser consultation involves a discussion of the patient’s aesthetic goals and how this state-of-the-art laser treatment can help to achieve them. The targeted skin imperfections are carefully examined. The patient’s medical history is discussed, including factors such as current medications and any pre-existing medical conditions.

The Pearl™ laser skin resurfacing process is discussed in depth, providing the patient with education to ensure full understanding. Aftercare directions are given, and patients are encouraged to ask questions.


The Treatment Session

The Pearl™ laser treatment process is very comfortable. At the start, a topical numbing cream is applied to the skin in order to ensure patient comfort and prevent any pain. Once the cream has taken effect, the laser handpiece is used to treat the targeted areas.

After Your Pearl™ Laser Treatment Session

Once your Pearl™ laser treatment session is completed, you will only need minimal downtime. Traditional laser resurfacing typically requires a longer healing period and causes more redness in the treated area.

During the Pearl™ laser recovery period, your skin will heal and improve. You may notice a degree of mild redness for a time. A layer of ointment must be applied to the treated skin for around three to five days.

Patients usually come in for two Pearl™ laser treatment sessions in order to achieve optimal benefits. It’s best to wait six to eight weeks between each session.

How Much Do Pearl™ Laser Treatments Cost?

The cost of Pearl™ laser treatment will depend on factors like the number of treatment sessions needed. Price may also vary based on the exact skin issues being addressed.

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