Rhinoplasty, or nose-reshaping surgery, can be performed using a number of techniques. Your surgeon will have the option of performing rhinoplasty using either open or closed incisions.

During open rhinoplasty, an incision is created on the columella, the skin strip found between the nostrils at the base of the nose. With this incision, the skin of the nose can be lifted for more access. Internal incisions are also made during this process. It is ideal for especially complex rhinoplasties and revision rhinoplasty procedures.

During closed rhinoplasty, incisions are created in the nostrils, and none are made on the outside of the nose. Numerous rhinoplasty techniques can be performed through these incisions.

Dr. Burke Chegar, who is double-board-certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology, will determine the right rhinoplasty technique for you as part of a consultation. If you would like to set up a consultation, contact our office.